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Legacy Reviews -- Previous reviews from old site.

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:31 pm

This is the drive to buy... 19 Nov 2016
I have always over researched a purchase before committing. So when my 8 year old son asked if we could build a arcade cabinet like the ones I always tell him about from my childhood... the research began for everything to make that request a reality. a main component is the computer and drive setup to run the emulators and roms. after months of searching I found whizshaw drive and have never looked back. 8tb full of working data with a support group that rivals large corporations. this drive becomes better more refined and is expanding almost weekly. I will be building a second arcade as soon as this first build is complete. even though I already have the 8tb drive and could come it for my own use in my second cabinet I will support the efforts and community by buying a second drive.
Kahului Hi

Guy Covers everything 19 Nov 2016
Chris's drives are loaded with content and features that no one else can offer. Chris stands behind his product and offeres assistance on both a personal level and to the masses on his dedicated Community Facebook page. Chris's newly developed automatic update process is revolutionary and gives his customers piece of mind that their drives are current and have the latest bells and whistles HS has to offer. Chris has gone above and beyond my initial expectation that I had after making my investment in his product. I can't count the countless hours I have spent playing this system with my family - making new memories with retro games!!
Dan Wise

Hyper arcade systems 18 Nov 2016
After spending months and months building my own 10 wheel hyper spin setup I finally got sick of how tedious it was and moved to launchbox. However I still wanted to have everything setup in hyperspin .... After researching all the drives out there I finally decided to pull the trigger on wizshaw's drive (hyper arcade systems)... And am I glad I did! I was sent a completely full 8tb drive of working hyper spin setup. The install is insanely easy ... You literally follow step by step instructions (videos and text) and in about an hour (it takes time to install all those damn .net framework) everything just worked!
Ive never had any issues with setup or the drive itself but I see wizshaw's answering questions day and night in the purchaser's Facebook group. I've never seen customer service like this in any industry ...the guy is a machine!

I've had this drive setup and working almost flawlessly for months ... And the best part is wizshaw's keeps adding to it!!! Two weeks ago like 5000 did games were added .... I got to play sopwith and Mickey's space adventure ...two games I never thought I'd play again!
This drive sits in my arcade cabinet proudly!


Chris has always helped me 18 Nov 2016
I bought a 5tb drive from Chris and it worked great and any time i needed help Chris did help me he's a great guy and i would recommend him for his Hyperspin drives and he also constantly updating his drives which have good prices and he gives free updates which is awesome. And even donated to help my sick relative.
Dale Ackley
Flint MI

Money well spent 17 Nov 2016
The 8TB Drive is everything I wanted it to be and more. The amount of work and effort that went into this drive is something to behold, I cannot recommend enough, money well spent!
Steve M

Great Service 17 Nov 2016
Excellebt service and always willing to help. Very professional
Rober Schindler
Beachwood NJ


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